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Our Company

We are passionate about making the real estate industry better.





A Digital Agency

A consumer driven real estate platform saving home owners and buyers thousands per transaction

Forward Thinking

We are committed to innovation and working closely with consumers to further enhance our product offering

Problem Solvers

We challenge ourselves every day on how we can make our industry better for the consumer – with passion

Highly Experienced

Our leadership team and advisors have decades of professional experience across investment banking, real estate, finance and technology

DwellOwner Inc., a licensed real estate brokerage firm headquartered in New York is on a mission to empower home sellers and buyers with all the resources they need to sell or buy properties directly through a full service offering that is at the fraction of the cost of a traditional real estate firm. With a local committed team that is highly experienced operating under a agency model, we are creating the new standard in real estate.

Our vision is to ultimately create the worlds first consumer (peer to peer) real estate marketplace that drives efficiency, transparency and ease throughout the home buying and selling process. We are evaluating blockchain, artificial intelligence (askDwell) and virtual reality to improve processes and challenge current business model in real estate.  We believe the industry will change (it has already happened), making it more efficient, secure and better for all participants and expect the entire landscape to shift dramatically within the next five years with incumbents losing marketshare to new competing forces.

Our team is lead by industry professionals with experience in finance, real estate, entrepreneurship and technology who are pro-consumer. We are vertically integrating and will expand across the country, providing the first “real” full service home seller offering in the market that is committed to empowering consumers.


Licensed Real Estate Broker with New York Department of State of Licensing | License Number 10991222697
Licensed Real Estate Broker with Massachusetts Board of Registration Real Estate Brokers | License Number 1​0​0​0​1​0​2
Licensed Real Estate Broker with Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission | License Number RMR002686

Licensed Real Estate Broker with California Bureau of Real Estate | License Number Pending
Licensed Real Estate Broker with Florida Real Estate Commission | License Number Pending
Licensed Real Estate Broker with Texas Real Estate Commission | License Number Pending
DwellOwner Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and supports the Fair Housing Act.