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A proprietary virtual real estate advisor, powered by IBM Watson technology.

The Challenge

We wanted to empower consumers with access to information on buying and selling a home that was unmatched, available 24/7 and would compliment our local full service agents on the ground.  Today, many of the roles once performed by agents are now being done by consumers directly, from searching for properties (nearly 100%) to staging a home. Outside of empowering consumers with information, by automating many of the processes and providing real-time responses to questions, we can continue to minimize the cost of selling or buying a home through DwellOwner’s consumer centric real estate model.

The Solution

askDwell, is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Real Estate Advisor, designed to empower consumers with buying and selling a home. Our interactive virtual advisor will be available 24/7 designed to provide you with market insights, best practices and answer other questions around buying and selling a home as a digital consumer. Comparable to Siri for Apple users, askDwell is designed for consumers with a voice-controlled natural language interface that empowers homebuyers and sellers with professional service that compliments’ DwellOwner’s local real estate agents services.

askDwell Virtual Real Estate Assistant

askDwell will be available in the second half of 2016 and you can sign up today to be notified when it’s released.

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