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DwellOwner launches new online service to allow home-sellers to save thousands in real estate commission
Online platform rolls out with founder’s book, The Digital Home Seller and Online Real Estate Trends

June 27, 2016 (Saratoga Springs, New York).  Eric Eckardt, a serial entrepreneur, former investment banker and most recently an executive for a online real estate platform, launched DwellOwner, an online full service real estate brokerage that allows homeowners to avoid the unnecessary real estate commission expense.

If you look at today’s market, consumers have the option to list with a traditional full service broker, limited service or manage an independent for sale by owner (FSBO) process. DwellOwner offers a hybrid approach, in that it’s a licensed real estate brokerage firm that offers consumers a full service offering end-to-end for a flat fee, saving homeowners thousands in commission expense. There are over $60 billion in real estate commission paid out in the U.S. annually, extracting equity from families unnecessarily that forces homeowners to pay between 5 – 7 percent commission rates. Traditionally, the seller must subtract a 6% commission from the proceeds of a real estate transaction and split it between agents — 3% to the buyer’s rep and 3% for the seller’s. Today, nearly 100% of home buyers search online to find a home, although the commission fee structure hasn’t changed in decades.

Today, home-sellers can now use DwellOwner, which provides a full service agency brokerage for a flat fee upfront, eliminating the sell-side commission. DwellOwner has local real estate agents that provide service from listing to closing, without having to pay a sell-side commission. Their homes appear in the local MLS and are syndicated to hundreds of real estate marketplaces, providing maximum visibility. All while having a local full service agent available throughout the process that prepares a home valuation, facilitates contract negotiations and more. On the buy-side, qualified homebuyers can also receive a buyer’s premium that allows DwellOwner to share in the commission.

“Dwellowner is a progressive online consumer driven real estate platform designed to empower home-sellers while saving them thousands in inflated commission fees.” said Eric Eckardt Founder “We are providing an alternative to traditional real estate offerings that includes unmatched full service advisory throughout the process.”

The real estate brokerage industry is one of the few industries where technology hasn’t necessarily driven efficiency or consumer cost savings like in the travel industry, stock trading or purchase of consumer goods. There are approximately 2 million licensed real estate agents in the U.S. that typically don’t compete on price, with commission rates exceeding five percent. At DwellOwner, a consumer can sell their home for as low as $475. Compare that to a $400,000 sales price, that a difference of over $20,000 in savings by using DwellOwner. If a homeowner has $80,000 in equity, using the same analogy, that $20,000 in saving represents 25% of their equity – the real cost of using a traditional real estate agent.

The launch of DwellOwner is happening in parallel with the founders book, The Digital Home Seller & Online Real Estate Trends that is currently available on Amazon to pre-order before the release date of July 20, 2016. “Many of the real-estate-for-home-seller guides and general offerings (which are sometimes referred to as self-direct seller, for-sale-by-owner resources) feature antiquated content and business practices that aren’t aligned with the online consumer — even some of the more recent guides that have been released over the past few years. We want to create a movement across the U.S. to empower consumers while saving billions in real estate commission in order to make our industry better.” said Eric Eckardt.

DwellOwner is a licensed real estate broker in New York with licenses pending in several other states including Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. DwellOwner will target a number of metro markets across the U.S. over the next twelve months.

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About DwellOwner Inc.
DwellOwner, Inc., a New York Corporation, is a full service hybrid real estate brokerage designed for the consumer to effectively sell or buy a home while saving thousands in commission expense. DwellOwner is on a mission to empower home sellers and buyers with all the resources they need to sell or buy properties directly through a full service offering that is at the fraction of the cost of a traditional real estate firm. http://www.dwellowner.com


The Digital Home Seller & Online Real Estate Trends
The Digital Home Seller & Online Real Estate Trends book provides the most current and relevant material to enable anyone to sell their home while avoiding traditional real estate commission fees. Eric Eckardt, the author guides you on how to do so in the most efficient and effective way possible while learning about industry trends, market dynamics and the future of online real estate.